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ACRLC15 transparent apple iphone 15

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this is the first ever color infused transparent iphone 15 in acrylic, allowing every internal component to be visible from the back. the acrylic makes the back shatterproof while evoking the nostalgic textures and colors of y2k tech. this iphone was expertly crafted from brand new components including the custom acrylic back with cerakote finish, camera lenses, and factory original camera flash, magsafe, and microphone using painstaking techniques to ensure a spotless finish while retaining water resistance.

wireless charging (with the magsafe options), cameras, flash photos and videos, microphone recording, wireless reception, nfc, bluetooth, satellite, gps, etc. all function as usual. us esim 5g mmwave version. inquire for international versions.

while i have been rigorously using a similar transparent iphone 14 and 15 for the past year with no issues, i cannot verify absolute performance parity against a stock iphone.


- transparent apple iphone 15 256gb

- original black back and adhesive

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