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ALU40 wireless ortho keyboard

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this is ALU40, the first ever wireless true ortholinear mechanical keyboard designed by huiben's cofounder in collaboration with polarity works to complement apple devices. at 23-27mm tall using square keycaps like f10, it's also the slimmest ever keyboard with full height mx switches while still fitting a large 1800mah battery originally designed for iphone for months of uninterrupted use. the bead blasted finish, typing angle, and other details perfectly match peripherals such as magic trackpad and studio display. the pcb rests on evenly distributed standoffs suspended on rubber gaskets in the single piece enclosure for a very consistent and firm yet insulated typing feel.

the partially assembled option will be ready to add switches and keycaps, and is hand assembled by me and shipped from brooklyn ny.

the diy option is for those who would like the full build experience of assembling the battery, screws, and gaskets, or would like to make modifications such as case foam or stabilizers in addition to adding switches and keycaps.

doys keycaps available here

ec11 rotary encoder available here

setup guide here


- wireless bluetooth low energy connectivity for up to 5 devices with fast switching via configurable keys with a ~2m range

- kailh mx hot swap sockets

- ec11 rotary encoder knob in any one corner with two directions and button press

- super slim total height from 23-27mm to the top of square keycaps and 18-22mm to the top of the high profile case

- single piece bead blasted anodized aerospace aluminum or frosted acrylic

- rgb underside lighting accentuated in clear frosted acrylic

- iphone specced battery for months of use (rgb off)

- fully machined recessed usb-c port

- 3° typing angle matches apple magic trackpad

- evenly distributed rubber gaskets on a solid top mount

- sound dampening with included plate and case foams, and pom plate

- zmk firmware for simple keymap changes with online ui

- 1u, 1x 2u space, or 2x 2u space layouts supported

- mac, windows, linux, ios, and android supported


- ALU40 wireless pcb

- 1800 mah battery

- bead blasted enclosure with rubber feet and pom antenna window

- bead blasted black anodized aluminum plate

- bead blasted black pom plate

- black eva plate foam

- black eva case foam

- bead blasted black anodized aluminum reset button

- bead blasted black anodized aluminum power switch

- bead blasted black anodized aluminum power switch cover plate

- 7 black steel enclosure screws

- 7 rubber gaskets

- 4 black steel power switch cover screws


- 48 switches

- 48 keycaps (doys, f10, or hibi blocks suggested, but all keycap profiles are compatible)


- ec11 rotary encoder available here and knob

- 2u spacebar stabilizer

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